Seoul National University

2014 ~ Present
B.S. in Computer Science

National Taiwan University

2015 Fall
Exchange Student

Daegu Science High School

2011 ~ 2014

Awards & Experiences

Software Engineer

March 2018 - September 2019

Develop API server with Node.js and manage Kubernetes cluster

Working as substitute of mandatory military service


Server Developer

August 2016 - Februray 2018
Bulky Tree Co.

Seven Guardians with Node.js

Develop several tools/infrastructures such as Data Extracter, Resource Patch System and Backoffice Web

Bronze Medal

Korean Olympiad in Informatics

Competitive Programming Contest for High School Student in Korea

Conference on Information and Control Systems

Kyungpook National University



Node.js, Typescript, C, Linux, AWS, Mysql, Redis, Git

Have Used

Kubernetes, Docker, Python, Go, C#, Java, C++, Ruby on Rails, React.js, ELK stack


Mobile Game Resource Patch System - Using AWS S3, CloudFront and python + Django, libgit2, boto3, Celery
Excel Data Extracter - Convert Excel data into MessagePack format using C#
Obj-cache - Basic In-Memory object cache module implemented in Go
Menubot - Simple slackbot implemented in Node.js
Project in OS course - Implemented RR scheduler, WRLock, and Geo-tagged File System in Linux
HRS - Web Service for Hobby Recommendation
A star - Pathfinding with A* Algorithm and OpenCV

Other Activities